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Flavour Fairy contest final

The day before we held a final of Flavour Fairy in our office. The judicial panel consisting of 2 chefs and 10 independent experts one by one graded the 10 best recipes that you've sent to us during the year. The judges were impressed by all of recipes, but the results of the rigorous evaluation showed that the most amasing among them were Salangani Lagman recipe, Salangani with Sole and Spinach recipe and Salangani with Apples & Prunes recipe. These recipes became leaders for their speed of cooking, energy value, originality and flavour.

For those who didn't take any place this time, we'd like to say: don't be upset! All the authors of the best recipes that reached the final will get beautiful and useful kitchen kits, as well as winners' diplomas.

List of finalists:

1. March: Nazgul Rakhimzhanova, Ust-Kamenogorsk, Salangani with sauerkraut & juicy pineapple
2. April: Aynura Bayzullina, Almaty. Salangani with Liver
3. May: Inna Shevtsova, Atyrau. Salangani with Chicken Breast
4. June: Olga Savchenko, Uralsk. Salangani with Potatoes & Mushrooms
5. July: Anna Armasheva, Taraz. Salangani Vegetable ragout
6. August: Artyom & Olesya Seleznyovs, Taraz. Salangani Lagman
7. September: Leyla Polatbayeva, Kyzylorda. Salangani with Pangasius
8. October: Takhmina Khudaybergenova, Taraz. Salangani with Apples & Prunes
9. November: Irina Rozhkova, Almaty. Salangani with Buckwheat & Minced Meat
10. December: Nazgul Rakhimzhanova, Ust-Kamenogorsk. Salangani with Sole and Spinach

3rd place

Artyom & Olesya Seleznyovs take the honorable 3rd place with their unusual Salangani Lagman recipe. Apart from an amasing stuffing they also offered to our experts a peculiar sauce with sautéed vegetables, that made this dish truly impressive. For these ideas Artyom and Olesya are awarded a 50 000 tenge prize and the 3rd place in the final.

2nd place

The 2nd prize of our Flavour Fairy contest goes to Nazgul Rakhimzhanova from Ust-Kamenogorsk with her Salangani with Sole and Spinach recipe. Nazgul took part in Flavour Fairy contest long before in 2007, but now she is triple lucky! Firstly both of her recipes turned to be the best recipes of the month in a users' vote in March 2013 and December 2013, and later in the middle of spring Nazgul's recipe took the 2nd place and a 75 000 tenge prize! Congratulations to Nazgul!

1st place

It came as no surprise when in October 2013 Takhmina Khudaybergenova's Salangani with Apples & Prunes recipe became the best recipe of the month. This recipe even became the favourite one for some members of our stuff here in our office. We had only to wait for the conclusion of our independent experts, given that when an expert starts degusting the dish he doesn't know anything about it except for its order number. As a result the experts arrived at a common view that Salangani with Apples & Prunes recipe is the best recipe in Flavour Fairy contest. Takhmina deserves our congratulations and a 100 000 tenge prize! l l l facebook l twitter

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